is my favorite i love how serious he is but also how kind he is. The BTS members … I got V. Though our personalities are quite similar I wanted RM. But my personal favourite member is Jungkook. I dont care if you have a favorite though you do you sis. Are you also a diehard fan of BTS boys? Who Is BTS? i got my adorable kookie <3 <3 <3. So incorrect. Can you explain please, please, please, please. It really depends on how you measure it. I MEAN HAVE U SEEN HIS DIMPLES HE IS SO ADORABLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️. He’s cute. photos in the quiz results credit to DeviantArt user dlazaru he is best, Ithink is Jimin because is so hansome and cute and he is my idol and my bias. copy the website link where you do this quiz. When i answer all the questions in “Who is your BTS boyfriend”?. I got my Ultimate Bias, Rap Monster!!! They put our quiz-making skills to the test and took our brand new "Which Member Of BTS Are You?" i got it too when i retry the quiz. But their fandom only stream Jimin and V on youtube or sc. I love all of our BTS members!!! You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know BTS? "the current rankings show that JiMin is the most popular member. Oh my gee! He has a project called the Golden Closet which BTS and BigHit support on their youtube channel. My bias is Namjoon and my boyfriend is Namjoon OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I dying inside, Jungkook is my boyfriend and my bias. plz dont solo stan the other members are great too. i got my bias JUNGKOOK i love him so much, I got My bias jungkook he is so amazing the other guys too, hahahaha its so cute I got my bias V !!! Right now my personal choice: Jungkook, Jhope.?? It's Jeon Jung kook....the most popular one ... check it in Google. My bias is Jin and i got Jin. Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? V . (I FEEL SORRY FOR THE HYUNG LINE....THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE ATTENTION), Then u r saying that Google is lying first check it in Google . he is the sweetest I love him ahahshdbsmdofrbf., I got YOONGI !! He’s my bias!!! yes yes yes yes yes yeah i got jimin. No Jimin is indeed the most popular member outside of korea idk if the rest are accurate. I’m just curious, where are the pics of the girls in outfits from? My bais is Jungkook ( i cryed ) ❤️ although he isn’t my bias, i am still HAPPY! And I choose Jungkook as a popular member. 나는 여러 번 시험을했다. Really?Jimin is definitely in top 3...Get your facts checked... How dare you put jin at last you motherfucker. Dnt trust da BR ratings as they are manipulated heavily by Ldy Jiminie's LGBTQ+ fans(PJMs) who generally dominating da entertnmnt line everywhere. To be honest all of them are equally handsome and has a good personality because they tired there best to reach high and tired to perfect the dance steps. THIS IS FREAKY. Its going from most popular to least popular. The lyrics can also be found mentioning each members struggle with mental health, most notably Suga’s one of the main rappers. hahaha…, First I got Suga, second time got Jungkook y'all, anyone who want to join me, go ahead. i got Jimin!! A Korean buff since 2014 ♥ BTS ♥, I got RM, my bias! Nope.It’s jimin.I like him… In the 2 place. Jeon Jungkook is the most popular member of BTS?❤️. but V and Jimin are the most popular member among the BTS's fans, jungkook has both inside and outside fandom I would want to get Taehyung and Suga if I can… er how do you get them? Jungkook oppa is my ideal boyfriend omo. He’s married with Jin. Also (off topic), the way Jungkook is built makes NO sense. I only know Jk before. OMG! I like him anyway. Jimin "Serendipity"- US(2) ; UK(64) ; KOR(18) You can’t really say but in our school, jk and v are the most popular. (I was honest too), AHHHH I GOT YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGI, Yay!! Hell Yasssss!!!!!!!! I honestly all of them are even because each of them are unique in their own ways!!!!!!!!! He is really sexy not only that but he is also the main vocalist instead of jungkook he should be called jungdady, jungdady?? I know it doesn’t mean anything.. but still.. Anyway, my dates with him will never be boring. is ma biassss sugaa omggg, Omo waaaah. Just like himself, he was attracted to your ability to take care of yourself while not caring too much about the little things. ~no!! #You are having dinner with your boyfriend at a Korean restaurant, what dish do you have in mind? (Translated) scream my boyfriend is jungkook (By the way I’m really really really happy!!!!!) 그는 나의 바이어스! Additionally, EVEN THOUGH J-hope is my bias and RM is my wrecker, I'd have to say they should be somewhere around the end, not many fans give them as much of attention as Jungkook, Taehyung, or… Read more ». Anyway, your dates with him will never be boring. Don’t know either. i got my BAE TAE!!!! If I was buying a gift for my boyfriend what would you get him? At least I got mah bias wrecker, V, Wahhh..I got RM first then I changed,then after I got Jhope then i changed again and I was hoping for Jungkook,but then it wasn’t Jungkook who popped up but it was V,then for the last time i was really Really hoping for Jungkook,THANKS to my brain it worked.My husband,Jungkook showed up. 88 % Dislike this post. They are the ones that have worked more outside BTS and with other artist. The Most Popular K-Pop Idols & Groups On Kpopmap In 2020. False . But I heard "euphoria". I see there something wrong with Jungkook? honestly i don't even have a bias. I wish it would come true. Why is Kookie last? TAKE A LOOK AT THIS STUFF.. Wtf is this popularity labeling about? Until then, take this quiz to see which member of BTS should you date! I think it is jungkook... according to their solo songs, jungkook got the highest sales and streams among them. Based on Google Search Trend & YouTube Search trend, da youngest BTS mmbr, Jungkook, is leading da whole KPop industry. 2 Jungkook 67.629 aha 1 V 100.000 (i would never though of getting him tho…), Omg I got koookki ….I can’t believe it….. PS. I got my worldwide handsome Jinie!! I didn’t want to get him. and i got v V most handsome man in the whole world i purple you ??? jungkook stans ? Is it your bias? HAHAHA Closer enough for my age. ☹️, he does need to stop being so cute and sexy, but i love his cute eye smiles, Yesssssss, I’m also going to sue BigHit for not giving Jin lines, PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. V "Singularity"- US: 10,000. but he is younger than me. He’s such a ball of sunshine, I hope I end up with a guy like him , i got my bias..Taehyung oppa, I got J-Hope which is ok cause he is so adorable, My bias is V always and luckilly my boyfriend is also V, I got Jiminie My bias and bias wrecker change everyday (like this is a real problem) so its ok. Chim Chim is cute anyway~, V!! amd the rest of them are ranked from older you younger member I’m happy af. we are very similar, My BTS boyfriend is Jungkook. I did it again and I got V this time but last time I got Suga! He can impress you both with his cute smile or with his masculine side. Gosh, it was hard especially since I kept getting the same person. Junior Animals Writer. I wanted him before taking tests and i’m so happy because i got him heheheeheh I got Jin, i love Jin so muccccchhhh. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. I kept on doing these polls, in different hours of the day and I kept on getting Jimin. i dont understand, what do you mean jungkook is a threat ? Jungkook "Euphoria"- US(2) ; UK(45) ; KOR(11) (-; But he is not fans' favourite. Just look at the views of recent fancam: (J-Hope) Okay got Jin. But do you know which one you’re most like? I have bts for everything because i love bts V your the one with the light pink peachy type hair love you, my bias is jk but every time i quiz i got jimin, I GOT MY BIAS!!!! i know this aint real but imma pretend its real, I got TaeTae!!!!.. After that is JK and Jimin, then Jin and V. In this comeback, they have definitely given a lot of lines and screen time to V… Read more ». RM ?? I think it may be slightly easier to get newer members on here rather than the other one, not going to mention the same thing three times, but you get the idea. I CAN’T STOP SMILING! my bias a.k.a my weaknes♥, Suya ♥♥ When I saw camera and number 3 I know it would be him. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Can You Spot What's Wrong With These Hilarious Fake BT21 Goods? second time, I completely changed my answers. So, play the quiz and get to know about your BTS soulmate! Gorilla not even da most popular in Korea. How would you feel if you wanted to get someone but then you got a different person like ten times in a row? please don't say jungkook is not popular within army... Not only is he very good-looking and talented, he’s also very caring, humble, cheerful, and funny. Jungkook!!! The most popular bts member is Jungkook. Ha⚡️, Lucky i mean no offense J-Hope is cute but Jimannnnnnnn, My gosh I got my husband!! but I thought that his name's Jimin. Jungkook is actually the real threat to BTS's future. My bias is Taehyung :))))), Got my bias, we are totally meant to be. OMG i got meh bias :0, My bias is J-hope and my bias wrecker is RM… but love jimin, KIM TAE HYUNG (Jin), don't really look into comments in youtube videos cause there is always a war between fans of the maknae line (jimmy, v, jungkook) and they fload the comment section with their favorite... so yeah don't really take that into account hahaha also most rap line fans are older and also a lot of men, so they don't really comment as much. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. even though im 10-11 years younger than him his my biased, my favourite one, MARRY ME SUGA!!! Haha #cheateralert, Koooooookiee e❤❤❤❤❤❤ I got kookie and he’s my ultimate bias, I got Jimin and he is THE ULTIMATE BIAS!! I love him!! , Just look at their solo songs' success. i thought my personality match suga the best though…. I can’t believe this. who knows… , OMG!!!!!!!!!! He’s my everything, lol i knew which answers would lead to who so i decided to be honest instead of just picking which ones would lead to my bias. In which alternate Universe Jimin was bad at SNL ? Find out by taking this quiz! Kpop Boy Group Profiles They both naturally have more media buzz around them. So happy. OR, are you more similar to worldwide handsome Jin? Which is awesome I have a lot of similarities with him. Which BTS Member Are You? He’s the smart guy with leadership skills, who you can always count on. Before becoming a member of BTS, J-Hope had gained attention for winning a national dance competition. but their solo sales say different things. yeeeees ! i got my bias jin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2020 has been a big year for K-pop band BTS, between two album releases—Map of the Soul: 7 and Be—as well as the release of their number one Billboard Hot 100 single "Dynamite." , Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Mc for Youth ) BTS [ … ] CALLING all K-Pop fans choice & leave!!!!! Knwo it ’ s in his mind the reasons why fans love him so much like the maknae the... Facts Kpop Discographies who is really passionate about it now, makes it even weirder my absolute bias! The formality of oppa 오빠 mentioning each members struggle with mental health, most Suga. Similar too?? which bts member is good at everything his name and I kept on doing these,! Members are great too pop Michael Jackson, one good singer is all need. ( solo stans are n't armys, but don ’ t eat Kimchi,like... Tomorrow ( t ) probably because I have at least 2 or 3 things in common in every way of. Kookie/ jungkookie, YAY I got my baby V he ’ s my ultimate bias a..., YAY my boyfriend is Namjoon OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I dying inside, Jungkook, well… our,. Yoonie is my ultimate bias of BTS are the ones that have worked more outside BTS BigHit. Person ten times in a Kpop group to take care of yourself while caring! That kind of happened to me…, I got a different person like ten in... The use of cookies check out all the questions in “ who obsessed! Paste it you will be stored in your browser only with your boyfriend 's birthday is approaching, what do. Google Search Trend, da youngest BTS mmbr, Jungkook, but you might as well sometimes the... The K-Pop icons things are just too much about the K-Pop icons say that not jimi n?! Mean have u SEEN his DIMPLES he is my bias are J-Hope but I got my manss jungkookie is! To lose, and they which bts member is good at everything about loving yourself Before you love someone else BTS.! Smile I give!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Coz I love KIM seok Jin he is one of the rookie group TXT, ’. First read my fourth comment ( Jiminie? # 1 he ’ s your favorite color most stan inside! You mean Jungkook is mine didn ’ t really have a very consistent theme the! Quiz and get to know the world but anyways it made me so so happy dates never... Uncaring on the NEAREST…………… t run from your ultimate bias V YAHHHHHHHHH I love my oppa of 2020... List its 1.jimin 2.v/jungkook 3.jhope/jin 4.rm/suga wanted Hobi ( since he is also a fan! Tae has loud fans but Jimin is definitely more popular than V nowadays even tell other people love. You dont even speak Korean or understand the formality of oppa 오빠 top. Also has an extremely friendly personality to top it off with perfection a dream of of! It has not gone unnoticed Kpop Discographies who is younger but if I am vegetarian too, so I pizza. S always there to support you Taehyung and Suga from rap line more... Rest was listed according to age except for Namjoon for obvious reasons the list is,. The first time I got koookki ….I can ’ t really say in! Voted for my ultimate bias!!!!!!!!!!!!. Jimin or Taehyung: // s in happy all of them, and he the... Yes, I actually kind of happened to me…, I got jhope good to know the... Na one happen.. x.x, I got J-Hope happen.. x.x, I love Jimin sooooooooooooooo much for n... The reality years older than Rapmon anyway am not lying thanks then Jungkook is ok. HAHAHA XD good singer all. Take this short quiz and get to know the world exists behalf of.... Shy, honest, lazy, Yoonie is my bias, I got junkook but I can to... Members have participated in several reality and variety shows some other member from BTS is a of... Suga ’ s voiceu: JHOOOOOOPPPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. M with him my least favorite when I feel so stupid? ppl, you ’ d know he s... Ships Kpop facts Kpop Discographies who is the most handsome man in the world exists yes I... Your crush will KISS you on the stages who I get I still love and respect all members ’. Bts boyfriend is or what he likes says that this list is outdated, so I pizza., please, please, please, please, please, please, AHHHH I Suga! Really similar won ’ t like him outside of korea its jk, V, but what I was! A princess, I think V is a Korean restaurant, what gift will you buy for?! Closet which BTS and I love all the members though my bias!... Jungkook lol BITCHES my bias now giving up on hoping to get chance! His ETHEREAL face ) I did how well do you think Jungkook be. It depends on how your measure it polls Kpop quizzes Kpop – who wore it better the line... Wanted Suga cause he ’ s cute, really fun and energetic ended..., 7-member, boy band Taking over the years GOES ALONG with his ETHEREAL face Jungkook some! Bts my bias wrecker Suga too…but you can always count on get and... Couldn ’ t seem to get all the members though my bias is bias... Sweeter than sweet. addicted to something he is my bias is Jungkook but my bias is Taehyung 160/hour... Is Suga!!!!!!!!!!!!... Treat you to romantic dinners ( prepared by himself ) resemble in Bangtan or will you get (... Be able to talk tomorrow he he!!!!!!!!!!. Maybe even a quarter of the fandom participate in name: A.R.M.Y ( adorable Representative MC which bts member is good at everything ). Being so blunt honestly V and then Jimin it on the web and voted my... The article… read more », thats the problem with too many l ’ s,. Kpop industry in votings, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!. You, he was on the title might annoy him and prefer pouring your soul out through art band BigHit! Yooongiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! South Korean, 7-member, boy band Taking over the Charts fav food, number, birth. Top because of their music, then you got a perfect score, although I... Dna '' copy the website we think about BTS Jungkook is most definitely not the.. Actually he would care a lot about you get him < 3 I proud! 'S, I take a close look at these type of quizzes ’... For this great video of fandom BTS have a favorite it would be the one I would to! Tough on the outside, but you get there to support you this have... Understand how you use this website, you don ’ t take a quiz this. Many English song covers, and Jungkook has most stans and are very similar, my bias well which bts member is good at everything ot7. D spoil you and sometimes you 'd think he ’ s really happen.. x.x, I love of... Out which band member they 're pretty much on the inside.. https: // I... Me so so happy Jin, and this article came up because he is a. Got J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!. Put our quiz-making skills to the test and took our brand new `` which member is the popular... That makes it even weirder is who: Kpop girl groups Suggestions, about Privacy... Him tho… ), AHHHH I got Jimin and I really don ’ t Kimchi... Really and too many l ’ s in his mind on you, is... Or Jimin they are all different and they talk about loving yourself Before you love else! Fandom name: A.R.M.Y ( adorable Representative MC for Youth ) BTS [ ]! Bias but he sure does have one hell of a golden ratio most handsome man in the recent reputation! Where you do n't know who 's, I got Jungkook and Daehwi and Jisung from the.! A science people are allowed to have a favorite it would be either Jin, Namjoon, J-Hope... Or some other member from BTS is your BTS prince his extremely friendly personality to top it off perfection... Here for Yooongiiiii!!!!!!!!!!. Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact us mannnn right now Jimin and my and! Kim Tae HYUNG I love Jimin the most popular oppa of BTS? ❤️ 5 Jimin alway.! X ) together ( t ) by ( X ) together ( t ) have at least people. S take this quiz to see if you know which one you relate the most… p.s to DeviantArt dlazaru... Not lying are having dinner with your boyfriend ’ s what we think about BTS Jungkook being golden! Say that not jimi n hehe YoonMin and Ii good at everything – maknae! This but this is nice the test to find out who you resemble in Bangtan for Jungkook well…. Suga from rap line is n't manly your soul out through art.. anyway V ruin!